2012 Labor Day Meeting Minutes


P.O. Box 29, DeRuyter, NY 13052


General Membership Meeting -- LABOR DAY

Saturday, August 25, 2012  10 a.m.  The Boat House Restaurant, Boathouse Lane, DeRuyter, NY

Meeting called to order by Susan Orzell, Financial Secretary and past president.  Richard Alter and Russell Smith were both out of town.

Summer Event Report:

Awards were given to the summer event winners.

Trophies awarded: Senior Girls Water Skiing – Hanna Chartrand; Senior Boys Water Skiing – Will Frazee; Veteran Women – Rosy Kolb; Veteran Men – Dave King.

Tom Ferraro Memorial Golf Tournament:  Plaques were awarded at the event.  Single Men’s Champion – Jim Sherlock; Single Women’s Champion – Linda Dexter; Scotch Doubles Champions – Kathy Sherlock and Matt Rhode.

The Meredith Brown Memorial East – West Softball Game was won by the WEST SIDE.  Trophy awarded to West Side coach – Jim Adsitt

The Alter Cup Sailboat Race – Catamaran Class:  1st place Pat Frazee – Trophy; Medals awarded to the following participants.  Catamaran Class:  2nd Place Will Frazee.  Monohull Class:  1st place Jack Miller; 2nd place Bill McMaster;  3rd place Tom Chartrand.  Sunfish Class:  1st place Dave King; 2nd place Mark Ondrako.  

The Day Boat Parade – 1st Place Medal “Redneck Yacht Club”, The Constantini’s/Ward’s/ Kennedy’s & Friends

Tie for 2nd Place Medal:   2nd Place Sherlock’s – Lake Olympics; 2nd Place Bishop’s – Olympics Family

3rd Place Medal Jim & Linda Adsitt – If Parrots Could Talk.

There were no Participants for the 2012 Night Boat Parade therefore no medals will be given at the July 2013 Meeting.

Congratulations to all participants.

Thank you to Jack Koenig for the use of his ski boat, Kevin Koenig for driving, Kerry Beeler for spotting, Dave King, Dick Alter, for their slalom course and Danny Alter as navigation inspector. 

Thank you to Barry Buyea and Chuck Beeler for setting up/tracking and reporting winners in all 3 classes of the sailboat race.

Thank you to all sponsors for the summer events

Thank you to all the chairpersons.


Secretary’s Report - Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes of the   July 2012 General Membership Meeting were distributed at the meeting and emailed to membership with email addresses on file, the minutes were approved as distributed.  Motion to accept the Secretary’s report; Betty Valerio.  Second; Steph Laury.   None Opposed.  None Abstain.  Motion Approved


Treasurer’s Report - Winslow Skeele, Treasurer

Money Market account:                                               $12,785.15

                                                                        Checking Account:                              $  6,330.39     

A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is filed with the minutes, outlining details for both accounts. Win explained a decision was made to increase insurance coverage for athletic events, citing the Triathlon, swimming and skiing events.  All invoices for summer expenses have not been received.  Invoices for weed harvesting have not been received.  There are a few areas whose dues have not been received.  When the final tally is in, it is expected that the balance will remain approximately the same.   Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Chuck Beeler. Second; Rick Bailey. None Opposed.  None Abstain.  Motion approved.


Financial Secretary Report - Susan Orzell, Financial Secretary

Presently there are 242 paid full memberships and 30 associate members making a total membership of 272.  Information is pending from three area captains.  I anticipate an additional 21 members once I have heard from all area captains.


CSLAP Report – Jim Adsitt

There are no changes in the water quality.  The chemistry reports will be available in March or April of 2013 and will appear on the website when available. Concern was raised about the Algae blooms in the lake. This was described as a Biological event and so far no harmful alga has been found in samples tested.


Water Level Report – Sue Orzell

The lake level is measured in feet above sea level today it is 1279.30 feet.  This is 7 tenths of a foot below crest.  This is low and due mostly to the lack of rain.  There has been very little rain this summer. 

The Annual Draw down will be requested by Jim Adsitt.  The request will for a draw down of three feet, to begin October 1 and end around October 15. 


DeRuyter Lake Ecological Management & Planning Committee – Michael Curran, Chairperson 

Mike noted that even with the three weeks of harvesting, when he went out on the lake it looked like no harvesting had been done.   However, the weed harvester was here for three weeks.  The schedule was for 80 hours of cutting, but we actually had 87 hours of cutting.  85 boatloads of weeds were removed from the lake; an estimated 340 Tons of vegetation.  Use of a truck to haul the harvested plants away was donated by Barland Dairy, the association paid for the fuel.  Mark Haws agreed to take all of the plants harvested at no fee. When the conveyer was placed at Smiths on West Lake Road, and Goggins on East Lake Road, the bigger truck could not be used.  A smaller truck was secured from Jeff Reakes and driven by Jerry Rice, Mike Curran, John Kennedy and Gary Ward to truck the weeds away.  Several sites to offload weeds were available; Jerry Rice, The General Store, on the South end; Terry & Don Smith on the West Side near West Cottage Lane; Jeannine and Dave Goggins, on the East Side; Richard and Susan Jankowski, Blue Heron Lane offered their launch, but a heavy rainfall prevented its use.  Having more off loading sites allowed for more actual cutting time and less travel time to unload the harvester.  Thank you to all who helped with this years’ weed harvesting project. 


The invoice has not been received from Madison County.  There were some extra costs associated with the harvesting; $200 for the small truck rental; $260 for fuel for the large truck use to transport weeds and a very small amount not yet known for topsoil and grass seed to repair one of the off loading sites. 


It is apparent that 80 hours of aquatic plant harvesting is not sufficient for the plant growth seen this year.  It is also evident that the harvesting must be done earlier to be more effective, especially with an early spring.  To avoid another year of late harvesting Scott Ingmire, of Madison County Planning Board was contacted.  An estimate for the cost of harvesting in 2013 was requested.  Scott said he felt confident the cost would remain the same as for this year.  The cost for 2012 was $31.00 per hour for harvesting.  To address being able to schedule earlier harvesting dates, a request was made to get the funding approved by the Madison County Board of Supervisors during the May meeting for 2013.  This would allow approved funding to be in place and the harvester would be available in June or early July, allowing for an early cutting schedule to be planned if necessary.  To be able to schedule earlier cutting dates, this committee would need approval of the membership.   The first meeting of the TLA will be scheduled on July 6, 2013, which would not be in time to schedule the harvester.  Therefore the following motion is entered for consideration.


Mike Curran proposed motion:  To Authorize the Tioughnioga Lake Association to spend up to $4,500 for aquatic plant harvesting in 2013. Second; Steph Laury.

Discussion followed:  Use of Grass Carp, need at least 22 per acre - too expensive and permitting would not be likely for this lake due to possible escape through the overflow.  More drawdown to freeze out plants – this option doesn’t work and may lead to growth in deeper areas of the lake if the lake is slow to fill in the spring. Some seeds from plants actually benefit from being frozen. Chemicals; Membership voted not to use chemicals years ago; there is no change in that mindset at this time.  No weed harvesting for the past three years.  There was an early spring which was warmer than usual this promoted stronger and earlier plant growth.  More Geese are staying on the lake – more nutrients; Zebra Mussels causing clearer water and more light to get to bottom.

Motion Vote:    Yes:  Approved.   No:  None    Abstain: None


Judy Buyea expressed her upset with the Village of DeRuyter “blaming” the Tioghnioga Lake Association for the cancellation of the Community Swim Activities at the swim area. The article, in a local paper, cited aquatic plant growth and no harvesting being scheduled to remove plants in time for the program.  Several others expressed agreement and concern that the TLA had not been allowed to use the swim area for the swim events for 2012.  All events have been moved to the Alter waterfront.




Guest Speaker – Paul Lord 

Paul Lord has been studying DeRuyter Lake Biomass for several years.  Madison County has been committed to this study.  The county provided $12,000 the first year and $10,000 the second year to fund Dr. Lord’s work.  What the future holds for this financial support to continue from Madison County is anyone’s guess. The lake association is fortunate to have the benefit of Paul’s research to use when considering future plans for harvesting and fish stocking.


Dr. Lord’s opening remarks related to the use of the term “Weed harvesting” to describe the process of aquatic vegetation being removed from the lake.  He went on to describe the plants harvested are both perennials and annuals or seed producing plants.  Paul explained that some aquatic vegetation is necessary to reach the association’s goals for fish stocking, allowing places for fingerlings and small fish to hide from predators.  He emphasized the importance of identifying the plants seen in the lake understand the cycle of their growth and how they reproduce. 

He spoke about fish stocking options and how proper selection will enhance survival rate of stocked fish, control small fish populations and how this will impact plans for both stocking and harvesting options in the future.  He explained the natural cycle of management; the larger fish will eat the smaller fish, smaller fish eat the insects, the insects eat the plants.  Insects feeding on plants help to control growth. Understanding this cycle will help those who are planning future management programs for the lake, to make informed choices.


Paul talked about the Hydrilla plant which is infesting the Cayuga Lake Inlet.  Hydrilla is a very invasive plant and extremely hard to eliminate once is has a foothold.  This plant will take much time and money to control.  It must be kept out of other bodies of water.  NYS is holding funds in reserve to combat Hydrilla.  Paul stated, “Trust me, if Hydrilla gets into this lake, controlling the Milfoil will seem like a cakewalk”. 


Paul offered the following suggestions for future consideration of the membership regarding plant harvesting, fish stocking and water quality management program.

  • Supplementing the NYS DEC stocking of Walleye fry by stocking 1¾” Walleye Fingerlings.  The larger fingerlings will have a better chance for survival.
  • Requesting a size limit change for Walleye from the present 15” to 18” allowing for a stronger reproduction rate.
  • Cutting channels to accommodate boat access to shallow areas and bays.  Reduce the mass cutting in these areas to give a place for fish to hide from predators
  • Consider the time the harvesting is done to get the maximum benefit from cutting and removal of plants. 
  • Residents can volunteer to inspect boats helping to keep unwanted plants and invasive species out of the lake. Identification programs are available so volunteers can learn what to look for.
  • Recognize the value of having committed stewards at the launch sites on DeRuyter, inspecting the boats visiting the lake, for unwanted species.  Lakes where public access to is available must rely on volunteers to do inspections for unwanted species. 
  • Implementing the suggestions offered by Paul will take a commitment of at least three years of the fish stocking program.  Financially it will mean a commitment of approximately $20,000 each year for the first two years and at least $10,000 the third.  Additional expense will be necessary to monitor the fish population and analyze the success of the program. 


John Murad proposed a motion:  Authorize the Tioughnioga Lake Association to spend $5,000, on condition the remaining $15,000 is raised from other sources, to support the Walleye stocking program.  Approval of this program is with the understanding that this is the first step of a three year commitment.

Second, Mike Curran.    Discussion.  Vote on Motion:   Carried.  None Opposed.  None Abstain.


David Greenway proposed motion:  Authorize the Tioughnioga Lake Association to approach the Tioughnioga Preservation Foundation seeking their consideration of raising funds for this program.  Second, Judy Buyea.  Discussion. The DeRuyter Lake Ecological Planning and Management Committee must seek approval from NYS DEC for the Tioughnioga Lake Association to enter into a Walleye fingerling stocking program.  This committee will also request the size limit be changed from 15” to 18” for Walleye from the NYS DEC.  Based on approval from NYS DEC, the committee may move forward seeking the funding as outlined in the previous motion approved by the membership.


Dam Condition Report – Jim Adsitt   (Jim’s report has been copied here for accuracy)


The report was just received by the Canal Corp. from its consultant and is currently under review prior to submittal to the New York DEC. It is unclear how much of the report will be made available to the public due to the potential sensitivity of some aspects such as potential weak points listed that could prove a potential security problem.


What was obtained verbally is the following-

Pros –

1-the Canal Corp. has operated and maintained the dam in a safe manner

2-the spillway meets the capacity requirements of the regulation

3-the dam is stable based on core sampling and review



1-seepage collection system is not functioning to full potential. Further investigation will be done by the CC to determine if it just may be a plugged pipe

2-the dam safety regulation requires the dam be able to be emptied in 14 days. The current gate drawdown capacity is 44 days. The CC will wait for DEC response.

3- the regulations require the gates be on the upstream side (closest to the water). Both this and number 2 above would be extremely costly to remedy. #2 would require larger pipes and or more pipes through the base of the dam and putting the gates on the upstream side would require some sort of island be built over the outlet pipes which currently extend into the reservoir. The CC will wait for a DEC response.

4-at the base/bottom of the overflow drops (punch pool) needs some work. The CC will do in-house by next year

5-the spillway masonry chute energy dissipater is gone and needs replacement. The CC may do in-house or have a consultant do a design.

6- the regulations require a slope of 3 to 1. The current backside slope is 2.5 to 1. This would be a very costly fix. The CC will wait for a DEC response.

7-General maintenance needs to be upgraded such as grass and brush cutting. The CC will do as required. They recently bought an over the hill cutter that will be able to maintain the front water side of the dam.


The above is based on verbal communications and was based on a preliminary review of the report. The CC has retained the consultant for another year to do a more detailed engineer report for design fixes should the DEC require them. This does not include any funding for major repairs. It is quite possible the actual report, recommendations, etc will not be available for public review due to security considerations. For instance, if the core sampling determined a “soft” spot in the dam, and the inundation study showed severe consequences from a breach, this would be a safety/security concern.


Further it was noted that although DeRuyter was the oldest and therefore have more problems, it should be noted that Jamesville, Eatonbrook, Madison and Moraine have issues also, i.e. spillway capacities which is an expensive fix. The regulations also require emergency action plans be developed for all class C high hazard dams which DeRuyter is one. The CC will be developing these in conjunction with county emergency management agencies throughout the state.


If a report becomes available for public release, it will put on the web site. 



Chuck Beeler wanted to go on the record regarding information listed in the lake directory.  The name on the directory is “Directory of the Tioughnioga Lake Association, Inc.”  Therefore “It is my opinion only those members who have paid dues should have their name listed in the directory.” Sue Orzell responded, stating that the membership decided at the July Membership Meeting to allow all residents whose information was available to appear in the directory, at least listing road name, residence number and last name.



Vendor Presentation:  Nathan R. Sgouris of Marcellus presented information regarding seaweed removal, Boat and Dock removal and installation, repairs, maintenance, and sale of seaweed mats to the membership. 


Jim Adsitt announced he will no longer financially manage or maintain information on the DeRuyter Lake Website, which he has been doing for several years at no expense to the Tioughnioga Lake Association.  He requested the TLA to take over the website. Jim suggested using the NYSFOLA webmasters for this purpose. 


Jim Adsitt proposed a motion:  Authorize the president to enter into a one year agreement with mylaketown.com to provide the website for the Tioughnioga Lake Association.  This will include registration of the Domain: deruyterlake.org.  Carol Jeschke, Second. Comments; this website does offer ads for items of interest to those visiting their websites.  Jim responded that this practice has recently changed and is no longer their practice. 

Vote on Motion.  Yes 20; No 4; Abstain 8.  Motion Carried.


Judy Buyea proposed a motion:  Authorize the TLA to make a donation for the fireworks display planned for Sunday September 2 funded by private individuals and put on by professional fireworks company. Second, John Kennedy. 

Vote on Motion; No 14; Yes 12; Abstain 3; Motion Defeated. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the fireworks display may do so at the General Store. 


Bill Orzell presented a motion in writing to amend the Constitution. Motion to amend the constitution of the Tioughnioga Lake Association under Article 4 – Meetings, Section 1. The association shall meet regularly on the Saturday following the 4th of July and on the Saturday preceeding Labor Day at a place and hour designated by the Executive Committee.

This is a change from an amendment passed September 3, 2011 ….to hold the meeting on the Saturday one week before Labor Day….. Second; Chuck Beeler.


Motion to adjourn:  John Laury. Second Betty Valerio. 

Respectfully Submitted, Joyce McMaster, Secretary.

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