2013 Labor Day Minutes


P.O. Box 29, DeRuyter, NY 13052


General Membership Meeting – “LABOR DAY”

Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 10 a.m.  The Boat House Restaurant, Boathouse Lane, DeRuyter, NY

Meeting called to order by Richard Alter, President.   

A Moment of silence in remembrance of:   James Dwyer, 355 West Lake Road, and Dan Luczyski, 89 Narsaisan Road.


Summer Event awards were given- complete list at end of this report.


Secretary’s Report - Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes of the  July 2013 General Membership Meeting were presented and approved as presented.  Motion to accept the Secretary’s report;  John Holmes.  Second; Chuck Beeler.   Motion Approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report - Winslow Skeele, Treasurer

Money Market account:                                               $5,071.59

                                                                        Checking Account:                              $8,896.62       

A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is filed with the minutes.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Steve Braungardt. Second, John Holmes.  Motion approved, unanimously.


Financial Secretary Report - Susan Orzell, Financial Secretary

Presently there are 188 full memberships and 28 associate members.  There are approximately 355 property owners.   Some areas are still being reported.  Members are reminded to make corrections or additions to directory information.  The new directory will be printed in 2014, corrections appreciated by February.  The directory will include names, residence number and street name of  residents around the lake. 


Guest speakers:  Joe Ankowski and Tim Braukaukie presented their views on Hydrofracking as it relates to the lake and surounding community.


Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program “CSLAP” Report – Jim Adsitt

There are no changes in the water quality.  The chemistry reports will be available in March or April of 2014 and will appear on the website when available. Concern was raised about the Algae blooms in the lake. This was described as a biological event and so far no harmful alga has been found in samples tested.


Water Level Report – Sue Orzell

The lake level is measured in feet above sea level, crest is 1280.0 feet.  This week the lake dropped below crest for the first time all summer and is 0.5 tenths of a foot below crest or 1.25 inches below crest. 

The Annual Draw down will be requested by Jim Adsitt.  The request will for a draw down of three feet, to begin October 1 and end around October 15. 


AED Report – Mike Curran

The annual AED recertification program has been done. Fourteen people were eligible for the program, to date, ten are complete four will be done at a later time. 


DeRuyter Lake Ecological Management & Planning Committee – Michael Curran, Chairperson 

Harvesting -- Mike reported the harvester was here for two weeks.  The harvester operated 65 hours of the 80 hours scheduled.  100 Ton of aquatic vegetation was removed.  Mark Haws agreed to take all of the plants harvested at no fee.  The truck and fuel needed to transport the weeds to the farm was donated by Mark Haws.   This resulted in significant savings to the association.   Next year the cost for harvesting may increase up to $3,500.  Madison County has indicated every effort will be made to have the harvester available earlier in the spring.  This would allow cutting of the early emerging plants before they begin to die back naturally and drop to the bottom of the lake.

Motion to authorize the TLA to schedule the harvester in 2014 at a cost up to $3,500.00.  Discussion followed

Motion approved unanimously.  The association will send a thank you letter to Barbaland Farms for use of the truck and fuel for the harvesting.


Fish Stocking – The first year of the Walleye fingerling stocking program is complete 20,000 fingerlings were stocked on July 15 and 30,000 on July 30. The fingerlings were approximately 2.5 inches long and released on the east side of the peninsula where there was shelter and some weed cover for protection.  When this program was approved, one of the conditions made by NYS DEC was to monitor the survival rate.  The only way to see what fish are in the lake is to shock the lake.  The cost for the electrofishing is $5,000.  The first study was done pro bono by NYS DEC.  Now DEC is asking the lake association to pay this fee. Mike requested the membership authorize the association to spend $5,000 for the electrofishing study. Discussion followed. It was suggested to continue to request DEC pickup this cost.   Mike will approach DEC to request their assistance and report findings to the Executive Committee.  No vote on motion.


Creel limit request – Mike will request the NYS DEC to increase the creel limit and size limit for Walleye in DeRuyter Reservoir. 


Dam Report – Jim Adsitt

The consultants are still working on the data collected.   Jim’s  written report  will be on file with the minutes.


President’s Report – Richard Alter

Thank you to:

  • Carol Jeschke for the newsletter.  Carol has requested a volunteer to take over she will stay on to assist.
  • The Gulbins for the use of the Boathouse
  • John Miller for mowing the roadside on the dam.
  • Jerry Rice for judging the boat parades
  • Mike and Kim Kennedy for the golf tournament. A volunteer is needed to handle this event next year.
  • Mike and Velda Ward owners of the Oran Delphi Golf Course for hosting the tournament
  • Paula Beeler for the Kids Carnival
  • Dan Alter, Dave King, Jack Koenig and Kevin Koenig for the ski course and driving the ski boat.  Kate Johnson for spotting for the water ski competition.
  • Barry Buyea and Chuck Beeler for chairing the Alter Cup Sailboat Race and the committee boat. The Alter family for hosting the after sail party.




AD Hoc Committee for Watershed Review – Russell Smith

 Russell has contacted Madison and Onondaga Counties, the Towns of Cazenovia, Fabius and DeRuyter to discuss concerns regarding the amount of debris entering the lake from the inlets around the lake.  Due to the amount of damage caused by recent storms and heavy rain those contacted were not available for a meeting.  Russell will be meeting with them at a later date and provide a report.



The fireworks are not an association sponsored event.  Private donations may be made at the General Store.

Jerry Rice will sponsor a Trialthalon, September 14, this is a fundraiser for the Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation.

New residents, Bill and Michelle Bennett #65 Sunset Lane.


Election of Officers: The Nominating Committee presented the following for office:  President, Russell Smith; Vice President, Kathy Sherlock; Secretary, Joyce McMaster; Financial Secretary, Susan Orzell; Treasurer, Winslow Skeele.  

Motion for Secretary to cast one vote for officers as presented.   Motion carried.  1- NO vote.


Richard Alter was thanked for his service to the association.  Carol Jeschke for doing the newsletter and communicating by email to the membership.

Motion to adjourn: (11:15 a.m.) Chuck Beeler. Second John Holmes 


Respectfully Submitted, Joyce McMaster, Secretary.



Supplemental Report: August 24, 2013


Summer Event Report:  Medals and trophies were given to the summer event winners.

Water Skiing:  Jr. Girls –  No entries:  Jr. Boys– 1st Sean King; 2nd Dan Beeler

Sr. Girls -- 1st Allison Chartrand; 2nd Hanna Chartrand; 3rd Rosie gold:  Sr. Boys—Will Frazee:

Sr. Women --  Karen Williams;  Sr. Men – 1st Will Frazee; 2nd Pat Frazee; 3rd  Dave King.


Tom Ferraro Memorial Golf Tournament:  Plaques were awarded at the event.  Single Men’s Champion – Sean Ward; Single Women’s Champion – Kathy Sherlock; Scotch Doubles Champions – Dan Alter and Lynn Fitzpatrick.

The Meredith Brown Memorial East – West Softball Game was won by the WEST SIDE.  Trophy awarded to West Side coach – Jim Adsitt


The Alter Cup Sailboat Race – Overall Winner: John Frazee.  Monohull Class:  1st  Jack Miller; 2nd Tom Chartrand;  3rd Don Ward:  Sunfish Class:  1st Mark Ondrako 2nd Dave King; 3rd Dan Alter.  


The Day Boat Parade – 1st Beeler family; 2nd Curran family; 3rd Alexander family.

The Night Boat Parade in scheduled for September 1st the award will be presented July 2014.


Thank you to Jack Koenig for the use of his ski boat, Kevin Koenig for driving, Kerry Beeler for spotting, Dave King, Dick Alter, for their slalom course and Danny Alter as navigation inspector. 


Thank you to Barry Buyea and Chuck Beeler for setting up/tracking and reporting winners in all 3 classes of the sailboat race.

Thank you to all sponsors for the summer events

Thank you to all the chairpersons.


Concerns were expressed that participation in summer activities has been very low.  No one participated in the Day Boat Parade with a decorated boat.  No one participated in the Night Boat Parade and no one attended the kids carnival.  The suggestion was made to ask for input from the membership as to what type of activity would attract more participation.  Suggestions may be emailed to Russell Smith or the Lake Association officers.

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