2016 Labor Day Minutes


P.O. Box 29, De Ruyter, NY 13052


“Labor Day - Membership Meeting

Saturday, September 3, 2016 - 10 a.m.

            The Boathouse Restaurant, 1 Boathouse Lane, De Ruyter, NY 13052


Meeting called to order by Russell Smith, President.

Announcements:         Moment of Silence to remember members who have passed since our last meeting.

Anita Martin, 615 West Cottage Lane.


Secretary’s Report - Joyce McMaster

Minutes of the July 2016 General Membership were approved with an addendum from the TLPF.


Treasurer’s Report -- Win Skeele

Improvement - Money Market Account                      $6,077.91

Checking Account                                           $9,333.51

Win explained that the invoice for weed harvesting has not come in.  Dues are still being tallied and there are some bills to be paid.  


Financial Secretary Report - Susan Orzell,

TLA membership for 2016 now stands at 219.  There are 247 owner members and 28 associate members. There are three areas that have not been counted, so membership numbers are expected to change.  


Motion to accept the Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary reports Chuck Beeler, Second David King.

Motion unanimously approved.


Summer Programs Awards were given by Kathy Sherlock.


Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation – Mike Palmer 


The TLPF, provided a “Courtesy Annual Activities Update” for the Tioughnioga Lake Association membership. The TLPF announced two new members to the Board, Cindy Oehmigen and Carrie Berse. Officers and continuing board members are the same as last year.  Mike thanked the TLA membership for their continued support and expressed his appreciation for the work Mike Curran has done.  Mike also commented that Mike Curran’s knowledge, level of commitment and dedication as a volunteer will be missed by many.   


De Ruyter Lake Ecological Management and Plan Development Committee – Mike Curran, Chairperson.  Report given by Kathy Sherlock. 

  • The TLPF contracted to have the Curly Leaf Pondweed harvested in the early summer.
  • 80 hours of harvesting was done by the Madison County.  73 loads of milfoil were removed from the lake, significantly reducing the nutrient load.   
  • Two offloading areas were used, at Alter’s on the east side and Spicer’s in the southeast corner. Barbland Farms supplied the truck for hauling the weeds away.  Trisha Park of Creekside Meadows Farm on Reservoir Road took most of the weeds harvested.  Thank you to both. Thank you to Dick Alter and John Kennedy for driving the truck.


Discussion followed regarding the need to find suitable offloading sites to help reduce travel time to unload the harvested weeds. It was noted that a cooperative effort will be necessary to find suitable locations for building off loading sites in other areas around the lake.  After much discussion a motion was proposed.


Motion made by Jim Adsitt:   Authorize the TLA to spend up to $3,000 to build offloading sites for unloading harvested weeds.  Second, John Holmes.

Motion unanimously approved.


Barry Buyea commented he had recently visited Cazenovia Lake and had difficulty navigating in some areas due to the weed growth.  He also thanked the many DeRuyter Lake residents who removed weeds floating in to the shoreline, after the recent weed harvesting.


Rick Bailey asked about the progress to repair or replace the signs on the island.  Also asking if the money dedicated to the “Ward Island Fund” could be used for this purpose.  More information will be available at a later date.


Dam ReportJim Adsitt   The gauges installed on the spillway of the dam are not accurate.  The maintenance has been done by Thruway Authority Staff.  In the future the New York Power Authority may take over the canal Department.  There may be more funds available for maintenance after January 1.


Water Level Report – Sue Orzell  The lake is 0.8 of a foot below crest.  The lake is down one foot, but in good shape.  Discussion followed regarding the water temperature and water level. A suggestion was made to move the drawdown to October 15.  This may help insure sufficient water for the Walleye stocking and the later date may allow the water to cool down, which may help improve the survival rate of the Walleye Fingerlings. 


Motion made by Chuck Beeler:  For this year only, request to delay the annual drawdown to October 15. 

Motion unanimously approved.


President’s Report and Unfinished Business – Russell Smith   

  • Last fall concerns were raised about the number of geese on the lake.  NYS DEC was contacted regarding oiling of the eggs.  A permit is available from Fish and Wildlife Management.  It is recommended not to break the eggs as they will just lay more.  Farmers are allowed to get a nuisance permit and may hunt the geese out of season.  Jim Adsitt suggested checking on a permit issued previously, as it may still be valid.
  • Jim Adsitt will add a link on the www:deruyterlake.mylaketown.com website for NYS Fish and Wildlife.
  • Trapping Beaver was approved at the July meeting, but has not been done. 
  • The tree in the lake on the East Side near Denny Fleck.  The tree is not on the county right of way.  Removing the tree is a landowner issue.  NYS DEC considers the tree a good fish habitat, not interested in removal.
  • Concerns were expressed over the delta on the north- west corner getting larger.  Seems to be made worse by the logging of the west hillside, which allowed mudslides.  It was noted that other areas namely in the Adirondacks are benefitting from state funds and questioning why we are not able to do the same. 


Russell noted that a watershed management plan and study is being done. This will provide information for addressing areas of concern.  Leah Gorman will be making recommendations in her final management plan for the lake.


New Business

Special presentations:

Chuck Beeler recognized over 50 years of service to the Tioughnioga Lake Association.

Jim Adsitt recognized for 30 years of service. 

The Letters and pictures of Recognition event are on file with the minutes. 


Motion to adjourn, Dave King, for Chuck Beeler who was at a loss for words.  Second, Kathleen. Dwyer.  

Motion approved. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

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