July 2016 Minutes



P.O. Box 29, De Ruyter, NY 13052


“July 4th

” Membership Meeting

 Saturday, July 9, 2016 10 a.m.

The Boathouse Restaurant, 1 Boathouse Lane, De Ruyter, NY 13052

Meeting called to order by Russell Smith, President.



A Moment of Silence to remember those members who have passed since our last meeting.

Velma Curran, 449 Snug Harbor;

Jeannie Lamb, 455 Camp Crone Rd.;

Michael Burden, 247


7th Ave.; Geary Livermore, 45 South Lake Rd; Nan Hulbert, formerly of 255 7th Avenue.

Secretary’s Report Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes of the September 2015 General Membership were approved with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report Win Skeele

Improvement Money Market Account $6,077.61

Checking Account: $2,433.76

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report Chuck Beeler, Second John DeMaria. Unanimously approved.

Financial Secretary Report Susan Orzell, Membership for 2016 is 303. There are 269 owner members and 34 associate members. This is a participation rate of 94% a strong indicator of the area captains doing an excellent job of distributing materials and keeping residents informed of TLA events and programs. The cost of printing the 2016-17 directory was covered entirely by the advertisers with nearly $800.00 to spare. Thank you to Don Cornue for donating his time and talent to do the design and front cover photo of the directory. Not only is it a beautiful directory but we have many new advertisers along with many returning. Residents are encouraged to support the businesses advertising in the directory. Thank you to Don for designing a new logo for the Lake Association as well.

Motion to accept the Secretary and Financial Secretary report. Sandy Alexander, Second Charles Frieberger. Unanimously approved.

Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation – Mike Palmer

Mike reported the TLPF has raised over $200,000 to date. This money is used to fund the fish stocking and weed control programs already underway as well as continuing education programs. Three years ago the TLPF applied for acceptance in the SUNY Oneonta Watershed Management graduate Program. The application was denied. But one year ago the application was accepted and Leah Gorman chose to come to DeRuyter Lake to complete her master’s degree. Leah has been collecting information and working on this plan over the past year. Her Presentation will be an overview the work she has done during that time.

Leah identified and provided samples of the weeds both native and non native found in the lake. She described the types of sampling and testing she is doing to determine the success of the programs being used. Leah reviewed the map of the lake watershed explaining that it is relatively small in comparison to other lakes. She reviewed the input locations and the impact of storm surge. Leah explained the importance of the fish stocking program and how evidence of its success is found during the electrofishing and examination of weed samples. There are fewer small fish eating the insects that feed on the plants. The plant samples show significant insect damage. Both are indication that the biological process is working. Leah sent out 350 septic surveys residents. Out of 350 there were 190 responses. Leah urged anyone who had not done the survey take time to do it on line or by mail. Leah suggested residents can help reduce nutrient loading by regular pumping systems, using phosphorus free detergents, removing weeds from the shoreline, upgrading aging systems and limiting use of lawn fertilizers. Leah’s thesis will be writing her suggestions for a watershed management plan for DeRuyter. Leah’s presentation will be filed with the minutes.

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John Kennedy complimented Leah for her presentation and commented that he was told by Paul Lord that the lake was lucky to have her working on the plan for DeRuyter, Russell Smith thanked Leah for taking the time to tour the lake with Area Captains, Officers and Town of Fabius Supervisor, Melanie Valardi and the DeRuyter Town Supervisor, Dan DeGear. Russell thanked John Kennedy and Mark Ondrako for providing boats for the information cruise.

De Ruyter Lake Ecological Management and Plan Development Committee Mike Curran, Chairperson.

Report given by Kathy Sherlock.

Mike’s report included a personal message as he has sold his home on the lake. … He thanked everyone for their prayers and words of comfort during and after his mother’s recent passing. He continued, saying his family has had a long run on DeRuyter, some 52 years. Mike and Ellen will continue to maintain an associate membership along with their two daughter’s families, thru his sister’s address on West Cottage Lane. The family will continue to support the ongoing efforts of both the TLA and the Foundation.

The Report

More weed growth than usual due to mild winter, lack of ice and snow cover to shield out the light. Some plants started growing in February. The lack of snow runoff and heavy rain which usually makes water a little murky also helping to keep the light out, did not happen either, so plants got an early start.

Paul Lord was here recently to check progress of programs to combat weeds. The weeds he saw were “very stressed” to use less scientific terms. There seems to be a large presence of bugs causing damage a good indication that the program we have implemented is working.

Harvesting, the Madison County Harvester will be on the lake in late July. No harvesting was done last year. The cost per hour has increased from $33 per hour to $50 in an effort to help offset the cost of the repairs and renovations to the harvester. The TLA has contracted for 80 hours of cutting. It is necessary to make a motion to spend $4,500 for weed harvesting. 80 hours of cutting at $50, $4000 plus an additional $500 to cover costs for repairs that may be needed at the unloading sites.

Cutting will be limited to the known areas of weed growth to within 50 feet of docks. No close in manicuring will be done, that will be up to the land owner. Also, it should be noted that it is important is to leave some weeds to give the bugs eating the weeds a place to live.

There has been much boat activity on the lake. These boats are cutting weeds close to the surface. As the weeds come to shore it is important to remove them, allow them to dry then they can be disposed of.

Madison County has decided not to fund the Milfoil and Walleye stocking study this year due to funding restraints. The TLPF has stepped up to cover those costs involved which will this will include the electrofishing, necessary to measure the success of the stocking program.

If the motion is passed to cut, we have some logistical issues to resolve. First we need a new offloading area for the south end of the lake. Jerry Rice continues to be a big help in securing the truck we use to dump the weeds as well as being an offloading area for the Curley Leaf harvest. It is my opinion that two weeks of the cutting operation at his location is not acceptable, for various and obvious safety concerns. I ask Rich Gulbin to consider allowing the offloading in the little bay to the east of his establishment. The only other area is to the North between the Alter and oggin families. We need to limit travel time for unloading to maximize cutting time. Mike Palmer will be overseeing all the projects I have just commented on.

Joe Fallon reported that he and his neighbors had spent $1300 to clear a path through the weeds in their area in order to get their boats out into the lake. He asked if the harvester could work in that area. John Kennedy explained that it wasn’t possible to work close to anyone’s docks and cutting would be concentrated in the known areas of weed growth away from shore to get the maximum amount of cutting and most likely be no closer than 50 feet from shore.

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Rae Jean James commented that older residents are not able to physically remove the cut weeds washing up on the shore and requested names of anyone wishing to work for older residents. The suggestion was made to offer space on the website to list names and contact information of willing workers residents could contact. Ellen Bacon offered a weed rake for removing weeds around docks.

Historian Report Joyce McMaster

It is necessary to find a new location for the archives of the TL. They will be moved from the History Room of the DeRuyter Library to the archive room of the Town Office located in thebasement of the Genevieve Staley Civic Center Building.

This year the Association will celebrate over 75 years of the DeRutyter Lake Association, with the first meeting eptember 10, 1939. The golf tournament is in its 40th  year.

The TLA has been putting a float in the DeRuyter Firemen’s Parade since 1965. A very special celebration will take place on July 16 when the Curtis/Alter family celebrate 100 years on the lake. The cottage was built in 1916. Congratulations to the Alter’s.

AED report-

The Dwyer Family and the James J. Dwyer, Jr. Foundation have replaced the two aging AED’s with two new AED’s. Thank you to the Dwyer family and the foundation. One AED will be located at the DeRuyter General Store. The second is on the West Lake Road at Carol Jeschke’s Residence #433, near Snug Harbor. Carol requested finding a new location for the AED.

It was requested that a letter be sent to the DeRuyter, Fabius and New Woodstock fire departments notifying them of the location of the AED’S in the summer and the fall.

CSLAP Report Jim Adsitt

The CSLAP report is on the website, there have been no significant changes in water quality. The water is much clearer due in part to the Zebra Mussels.

Dam Report Jim Adsitt

As reported in the past there is reluctance to release to the public, details of the engineering reports. There is a report on the website of the information provided a couple of years ago. I will continue to try to get whatever information is available for public release.

Water Level Report – Sue Orzell

The lake is 0.3 of a foot or 3.6” below crest. In 2015 the lake was 0.4 of a foot over crest. The lake was at crest earlier, but there has been a lower than normal rainfall this year and since Memorial Day, there has been only 4.28” of rain.

President’s Report and Unfinished Business – Russell Smith

Last fall concerns were raised about the number of geese on the lake. NYS DEC was contacted regarding oiling of the eggs. A permit is available from Fish and Wildlife Management. It is recommended not to break the eggs as they will just lay more. Farmers are allowed to get a nuisance permit and may hunt the geese out of season. Jim Adsitt suggested checking on a permit issued previously, as it may still be valid.

Jim Adsitt will add a link on the www:deruyterlake.mylaketown.com website for NYS Fish and Wildlife.

A letter has been sent to the landowner adjacent to the south inlet. He will work with NYSDEC to do what is necessary to evaluate the Beaver Dam on the inlet.

A beaver has been seen along the east shore. It was suggested that the beaver be removed.

Motion Jim Adsitt, to spend up to $500 to hire a trapper to remove the beaver. Second Judy Buyea.

Unamiously Approved.

The tree in the lake on the East Side near Denny Fleck. The tree is not on the county right of way. This may be a landowner issue. It was suggested to check with DEC as once a tree falls into the water, it may be up to DEC to approve removal.

The Madison County Sheriff will be patrolling the lake.

Use caution with any campfires. It is extremely dry.

Extra Flares are available from Jerry at the General Store, $3.00 each.

Water Skiing competition will take place at the Recreation Area July 16 at 10 a.m.


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