July 4th 2012 Minutes




PO Box 29, DeRuyter, NY 13052


July - General Membership Meeting


Saturday, July 7, 2012 - 10 AM

The Boat House Restaurant, Boathouse Lane, DeRuyter NY

Meeting called to order by Richard Alter, President.




Moment of silence for those members who have passed since our last meeting. Bill Howell, Connie Skeele, Patricia Blowers, George Lee, Pat Savage, Barbara Lewellyn and Len Peerless.


Secretary’s Report


- Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes of the September 2011 General Membership were approved as presented. Copies were distributed via email, copies available at the meeting and from area captains. Motion to approve Chuck Beeler. Second, Steph Laury.


Treasurer’s Report


-- Win Skeele

Money Market account: $12,784.09 – Improvement Money Market Account

Checking account: $ 5,598.68 – Checking Account

Copy of report available at the meeting and filed with minutes. Win reported the association is in good shape financially. The weed harvesting will be paid and deposits of the dues collected for 2012 will be made. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report, Steph Laury Second, Betty Valerio.


Financial Secretary Report


- Susan Orzell, 264 full memberships, have been received. 34 associate members. 298 total members. Motion to accept, Richard Blowers. Second Betty Valerio.


Report of Ad Hoc 501c3 Committee


– Carol Jeschke, Chairperson. A copy of report is filed with minutes.

The articles of incorporation were filed and the foundation was certified as NYS not-for-profit Corporation on February 6, 2012. The Board of Directors has been established as follows: Carol Jeschke, President; Susan Hansen, Treasurer and Michael Curran, Secretary, John Murad, Michael Palmer, Kathleen (Kennedy) Dwyer and Richard Alter. The attorney’s will file IRS form 1023 by mid- July requesting tax exempt recognition.

At this time a motion to dissolve the Ad Hoc 501c3 Committee. Motion, Rick Bailey. Second, Steph Laury. Motion Carried. Thank you to Carol Jeschke, Chairperson, the committee and all other Tioughnioga Lake Association members for their support on this project.


DeRuyter Lake Ecological Management and Plan Development Committee -- Mike Curran, Chairperson.


Report on lake health, fish kill and weed harvesting.

Strong weed growth has been noted this season, due in part to the mild winter producing a thin layer of ice, which allowed the light to penetrate to the bottom. The warm spring also helped promote early growth. There is a new variety of weed, White Stem Pond Weed on the south end. Also on the south end we are finding mats of Curly Leaf Pond Weed, this is a natural occurrence, as this weed dies back this time of year. Paul Lord was here on May 10 to continue his assessment of the lake, his last visit was December 10, 2011.

The weed harvester is scheduled for 80 hours of cutting. When the harvester is here the areas scheduled for cutting are: The North-West end, the South end from the point to the west side, the swim area and Snug Harbor. The plan is to remove as much weed mass as possible. Weeds around individual rafts and docks will need to be removed by owners. Private contractors are available to assist with this task. Weed mats which can be laid on the lake bottom to stop the light from getting to the weeds, are also available. Vendors can be found on the internet; lakemat.com; noweed.com; lakebottomblanket.com and waterweedblanket.com.

Regarding the fish kill. The fish lying on the bottom do not appear to have died from the same cause. Some had wounds and others no visible damage. Nor do they appear to have died at the same time, as they were found to be at different stages of decomposition. There have been fewer Seagulls on the lake this year so they are not around to clean up as they have been in past years, which may account for the larger of numbers of dead fish we are seeing. 2

The Electro-fishing study was completed in late June. The TLA Executive Committee approved funds for survey to be done, as the county funding was not available.

Discussion followed:

Rick Bailey raised question of how the information collected will be used to determine fish stocking plans for the future. Stocking of Walleye could cost $20,000 and $2,000 to $3,000 per year to maintain. It would be difficult for the TLA to be able to fund the fish stocking as recommended. This may be a project for consideration by the newly formed Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation.

Concerns were raised regarding recent Algae blooms relating to eating fish and swimming safety. Jim Adsitt reported that samples have been collected and sent for testing. So far none of the Algae harvested and studied by SUNY ESF has been Toxic. Residents will be notified if there is any cause for concern.

Jim Adsitt - Nutrients contribute to Algae bloom. It is important for all residents to use no phosphate detergents and fertilizers. No fertilizer should be used within 20 feet of the lake. More information is available in the


DeRuyter Lake News newsletter, Spring 2012.

Madison County is paying half of the cost to harvest the weeds; the TLA share is $31 per hour. Rick Bailey asked if this may be time to consider raising dues now to cover future costs for weed harvesting. At this time no action is planned regarding raising dues. More information regarding the Biomass Study by Paul Lord and fish stocking suggestions is available in the


DeRuyter Lake News, Spring 2012. A copy is filed with the minutes.

Motion to approve report. Betty Valerio. Second Steph Laury


CSLAP Report -- Jim Adsitt


: Not really anything to report, there have been no significant changes and water clarity remains good, the complete report will be available in March or June of next year.


Dam Report


– The Thruway Authority has hired Bergan Consultants to compile the data collected from every dam in NYS. A report will be submitted by August 19, 2012 to NYS DEC for review.

The dam is considered a Class C, high hazard dam. Engineers were here to measure the contour of the lake bottom and collect information for the report. These calculations will be used to determine the volume, pressure and develop baseline data. Core samples were taken on the dam and on the Dam Road. Samples were taken every two feet to a depth well below the dam. Preliminary information indicates the dam is in good condition.

The DEC will do inundation study to determine the damage which could occur down stream should our dam fail. The state will set up maintenance plan, do an assessment of safety, stability and make recommendations.

Suggested routine maintenance --

 The Spillway needs to be kept clear of debris to avoid blocking flow of water.

 The vegetation needs to be removed from the face of the dam.

 Burrowing animals need to be kept off the dam to avoid damage and seepage to dam.

Motion to approve Richard Blowers. Second Carol Jeschke.


Old Business


The night boat parade winner from September 2011, "Rock ‘n Around the Christmas Tree", the White, Grantham and Rainbow Families. Congratulations.


Welcome new members:


#208 East Lake Road, Tom and Sandy Staniec

 #295 Blue Heron Lane, Scott and Doreen Kingsley


New Business


Mike Kennedy – There is space for 52 people for the Tom Ferraro Memorial Golf Tournament. The cost is $55.00 which includes 18 holes of golf, cart, dinner and adult beverages. Participants 21 years old. 3

Rich Gulbin – Motion: Where information is available, the names of residents should to be included in the directory. Payment of dues should not be necessary for listing in the directory. Limited information will be listed for those whose dues have not been received by the time of publication. Keith Ward, Second.

Discussion followed:

To correct information either omitted or incorrect at the time of printing of the 2012-13 Directory, supplemental pages have been printed and made available to Area Captains for distribution to the membership.

Vote on Motion: Motion Carried. None opposed. None Abstain




A number of rafts, docks and other items have been found around the lake. It is important to remove all items from the lake to avoid loss and reduce damage to shoreline property.

Lost items: A set of keys may be claimed at the General Store;

At 21 South Lake Road a Black Bear.


Notice from Jim Adsitt,


many of the usual West Side Softball Team members may not be available for the Meredith Brown Memorial East-West Softball game. This may give an advantage to the East Side Softball Team!

The Boy Scouts are available to remove docks and rafts. Call soon to schedule your time, dates are filling in fast. Contact Wood at 315-852-3374, Dock coordinator Angela Wood.

Dye Testing will be done this summer. Suggest residents contact captains to schedule an appointment.

Road signs are in and will be installed as soon as possible.

Richard Alter, Permission to use the town swim area has not been approved. The towns will not open the area this year due to weed growth. Therefore the swim and skiing events will be held at the Alter residence.

Richard Alter. It has been a long time since the position of Lake Historian has been filled. I have asked Joyce McMaster to fill that position.

Motion: Russell Smith, Motion to reinstate the position of Lake Historian. Second Steph Laury.

Motion carried. None opposed. Motion to approve Joyce McMaster as Historian, Chuck Beeler, second Steph Laury. Motion Carried. None opposed.

Rich Gulbin – presented a letter and other documents from Phil Houck property owner of the corner lot at South Lake Road and West Lake Road. This property has a house and barn which will be burned by the fire department. The owner wishes to notify all who have voiced concern that the matter will be resolved this summer, as all necessary paperwork has been completed. A copy of the letter and other documents were given to the secretary to be filed with the minutes.

Richard Alter – Presentation of Awards from the New York State Federation of Lake Associations.

Carol Jeschke was awarded 2


nd Place, in the category of "Small Lake Newsletters", for the DeRuyter Lake News, Publication of Tioughnioga Lake Association, DeRuyter, NY. Some of the criteria for this award are; Appearance, content, appeal to lake association members as well as a broader audience, lake management topics, educational articles, etc.

Jim Adsitt received


"The Lake Steward Award" presented each year to a lake association volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for his/her lake association. Some of the considerations from the letter; An active participant on the lake for 42 years (this August); Interaction with TLA presidents and the executive board since 1970; Relationships with the Canal Corporation, state and local officials; TLA Vice President, 1990-1992. Dam Repair Project 1989-1991; Development of the website; Instrumental with the "Save the Islands" project; CSLAP coordinator.

Congratulations to our volunteers for a job well done.

Motion: Adjourn. Rich Gulbin. Second Steph Laury.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce McMaster, Corresponding Secretary

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