Lake Level

Current State Electronic Gage Reading

Readings courtesy of Sue & Bill Orzell


2019 Summer Fall Reservoir Level


4-9-19 Level is at crest or slight above.  Ice out on 4-9-19

6-11-19 Level is just below crest.




FALL 2018 Drawdown has begun on 10-17-18

With the recent rain the past few weeks, the lake rose to within 2-3 inches of full crest (water running over the complete spillway). 

Please note the Association passed a resolution to request a FIVE (5) foot drop by 12-31-18 versus the normal 3 foot drop. That request has been passed along. They need to check with Fire Department about the dry hydrants and what issues that would cause them and local downstream flooding issues. Local recent weather conditions can impact these issues significantly.

Further, as we are starting from almost a full lake, depending on the weather, rain and/or snow melt, we may not get it down 5 feet. Also, they will need to judge when to close the gates based on access to the gate house due to snow levels. You can scroll down and review prior year's drop history.

Check back occasionally, we will update the level and any unusual weather events.

Draw Down began 10-17-18 -  Approximately 2-3 inches below full crest.

We were close to getting down to one foot below crest on November 1st, 2018 but have had 2-3 inches of rain since the draw down began and the level came back up a few inches. Forecast for a couple days of dry weather and then more rain. Currently-

11-1-18 Level approx. 10 inches below crest

11-14-18 Approximately down 18 inches, 1.5 ft below crest.

Approx. 8 inches of snow

11-22-18 Down 2 feet below crest.

11-26-18  Down 2 feet 3.5 inches below crest

November 25 to 26th (per Onondaga County reading at Fayetteville - received 1 inch of rain. Reservoir level rose 2/10th of a foot - approximately 3 inches.

11-28-18 level down 2 feet and 1 inch below crest.  Forcast calling for 8-12 inches of snow (as of 2 AM) for DeRuyter.

12-3-18 ------4-5 inches of wet snow and warming with rain.

12-5-18 Lake rose a few inches bringing us back to the down 2 foot level.

12-20-18 We hit the down 3 feet mark.

12-21-18  3/4 inch of rain, lake rose about 3 inches.

12-22-18 Lake approximately down 2 fwwt, 11 inches.

NOTE- the state, per our resolution will be closing the gates anytime from 12-22  to 12-31-18.  The lake may drop some more until that time depending on the weather.

So it is doubtful we'll get down to the 5 ft drop level as requested. Once the gates are closed we will update this page and throughout the winter periodically. 


The gates are closed.

1-4-19  Level is approximately down 3 feet 4 inches.

The State closed the gates this morning at 9:30 per our resolution. They were able to take advantage of the "warm" weather today (sunny and 50 degrees). Therefore do not expect the Reservoir level to drop much more. In fact, with any decent amount od rain, or snow and then a thaw, it could rise quickly as in past years.

We will update the levels occassionally here when possible to get a resonable level reading. Have a nice and short winter!


2-7-19  Level approximately 2 foot below crest.  A few days of rain and snow melt has raised the level. Weather to return to normal cold in a couple of days. 

3-7-19 Level approximately 1 foot below crest.

4-9-19 Level is at crest or slight above.  Ice out on 4-9-19

THE Summer/Fall 2019 levels will be recorded at top of page.




FALL 2017 Drawdown has begun- on 10-17-17

10-17-17 Level down approximately 3/10ths of a foot (say 4 inches) below crest. Expect the lake to drop approximately a tenth of a foot per day (say 1.25 inches) ASSUMING no rain. With any amount of rain/snow melt the lake can actually rise though. We will update this page occasionally as the drawdown continues and we try to reach the 3 foot drop.

10-18-17 - Level down almost 4/10 th of a foot - approx. 5 inches.

10-20-17 at noon - Down 6/10th of a foot - ap 6+ inches below crest.

10-24-17 - Down one foot below crest.

11-10-17 - Down one and one half foot below crest. We receiced almost 6 inches of rain the preceding 2 weeks so the reservoir level came up about 4/10ths of a foot. With inputs slowing and cold weather forcast we should return to the 1/10 of a foot drop daily.

11-15-17 Down 2 feet below crest

12-1-17 Down approximately 3.3 feet below crest. Gates closed to winter setting at 9:15 AM

January 13, 2018 - We had 3 days of warming and about 1.5 inches of rain which melted most of the 1.5 to 2 ft snow pak accumulated raising the reservoir level a little more than a foot. A strong cold front arrived with very cold temps which should slow stream flows down. Expected to receive 6-10 inches of snow which will build the snow pak up again.

1-13-18 Reservoir down approximately 2 feet below crest.

2-20-18 Reservoir down approximately 7/10th below crest. Expected rain and 2 days of warm temperatures MAY crest the reservoir. Most snow has or should melt.


7-4-18  .15 below crest. Very dry and 90+ for 8 days. 1.25 inch rain on 7-6-18



FALL 2016 Drawdown begun.

The state opened the gates on the morning of Monday October 17, 2016. We were 1 foot below crest at the time so we only need to get down a little more than 2 more feet. The rate of drawdown is mainly dependent on the amout of rainfall. We will update this site every few days.

10-17-16 - The lake is down 9/10 of a foot.

10-23-16 - The lake came up over a half of foot. We are now down .4 ft below crest. After a dry summer, we got some rain back. We received about 3.47 inches of rain since it started 3 days ago. The lake appears to have stopped rising though and should begin dropping after the streams slow down in a few days.

10-31-16 - Additionally since the 3 day rain storm, we received almost another inch of rain therefore the lake level is still .4 feet below crest. The state came out at 9:30 this morning and opened the gates more so the lake should start dropping assuming we don't get a lot of rain again. The forecast for the next few days looks dry.

11-2-16 The lake is down .5 feet.

11-4-16 at 5 am the lake is down .5 feet. We received another inch of rain yesterday. 

11-10-16 Lake is down 1 foot

11-16-16 Lake is down 1.5 feet. The state opened the gates some more this morning.  It is expected, barring any large rain event that we should hit the 3 foot drop level sometime during the the first week of December.

11-21-16 Lake is down 2 feet. Received some minor rain and then approx. 18 inches of snow in 2 day storm. -

12-4-16 - Lake down 2.5 feet. Almost reached this 2.5 foot drop a number of days ago but had minor warming days that melted most of the 2 foot of snow from the late November snow storm causing level to rise slightly. Most streams have slowed with the lost of the snow pack and the level is beginning to drop close to its normal rate.

 12-10-16 - We reached the 3 foot drop on Friday December 10, 2016. The gates have been closed and we should be in good shape for the winter.

1-29-17 the lake is down 2 feet below crest.

2-25-17 the lake is down 1.6 feet below crest.

3-2-17 the lake is down 1.15 feet (say 14") below crest. The ice went out today and most snow is gone. Hope for Match snow or spring rains.

3-8-17 - The gates were closed to the summer setting. The lake is still down about 13 inches. All snow pak has melted. We will need rain or a snow storm to bring the lake up. It's still early in the year though.

3-17-17- Lake is approximately 11 inches below crest. We received 18-24 inches of snow on March 14/15. Once thaw occurs we should reached crest and then some depending on the rate of melt.

3-29-17 - The Lake just reached crest.

4-7-17 - Lake is approximately .5 (half of a foot) above crest since the snow melt and almost an inch of rain earlier in the week.

Remained above crest until August 10th, 2017

8-30-17  down .1 ft, say 2-3 inches



Reached crest on February 28, 2016 after significant rain over 2 days (excess of 2 inch estimate)


2015 Fall Drawdown began on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. The level is APPROXIMATELY 1 foot down when it began. We will update this page as it continues.

It has been fairly dry although there is rain scheduled for the Oct. 9th and then appears to be a dry spell so expect the level to drop about 1 to 2 tenths of a foot per day (avg. 2 inches).


Gates opened Oct. 7 - level approximately 1 foot below crest.

10-22-15 Lake down 2 feet below crest

10-28-15 Lake down approximately 2.4 feet below crest 

 11-6-15 Lake down approximately 2.6 feet below crest.

11-18-15 Lake was down approximately 3.2 feet below crest. The State set the outlet gates to the winter settings. Be advised, as is the case in past years, the lake will start to rise if we get any significant amount of rain.

Hope for a short winter and we can start enjoying a full Reservoir in a few short months.


Fall 2014 Drawdown has begun on 9-24-14 - Level is at crest. We will monitor the level and record results here as the drawdown continues.

October 1st AM - Lake down .6 foot - about 6-7 inches

October 5th - down 1 foot.

October 14th - down 2 feet

October 15th - receieved 2.3 inches of rain

October 17th - lake down 2.25 feet

October 23rd - down 2 ft 4 inches - total 28 inches down.

October 31st - down 2.9 feet

November 4th - gates closed to winter setting - just past 3ft down.

November 18th - the lake continued to drop, extremely dry fall. Got down well past 3 ft, estimated 3.5 or so. The lake dropped 2.5 inches in 4 days so we had the state put the gates at summer setting, the lowest amount possible. The drop should stabilize or any decent amount of precipitation and the lake should begin to rise.



2014 Lake Level

January 11, 2014 - Lake down.8 ft(10 inches below crest) after another snow melt

January 19, 2014 - Lake at crest or just above - a little going over spill way

April 5, 2014 - 4 tenths over crest. Ice still think, spillway open, most snow is melted. 

April 12, 2014 - 2.5 tenths over crest. Ice is allmost gone with a few days of warm sunny weather. 

2013 Lake Level

1-12-13  Level 1.7 feet below crest

3-2-13 Level at crest

3-31-13 Level at crest - ice still covering

5-27-13 Level .2 feet above crest

5-30-13 Level .35 above crest

7-1-13 Level .75 ft above crest. Over week of rain and area flooding. Town of DeRuyter declared a state of emergency and No Wake Zone.

7-3-13 at 5 PM level at .6 feet above crest

7-4-13 at 6 AM- level at .5 feet (6 inches) above crest - drop of approx. 1.25 ich in 13 hour period.

7-4-13 at approx. 5 PM - Localized storm that hit the southern half of lake. 1.36 inches of rain in 30 minte period and yet at the NW corner of Dam, pavement barely wet. Further, farm at middle lake rd, less than a mile recorded .4 inch of rain. North streams running clear and yet West Cottage Lane water over road. South Lake Rd. Inlet running full, deep and very "muddy". Expect lake rise over night.

7-5-13 at 7 AM, level at .6 ft above crest. Rise of .1 ft (approx. 1.5 -2 inch over night with no further rain.)

7-8-13 at 6:30 AM, level at .8 ft. (approx. 10 inches over crest) from 1.39 inch of rain over night.

7-9-13 at 6:00 AM level at .75 ft above crest (9 inches) with no substantial rain over past 24 hour period.

7-10-13 at 7:00 AM .6 ft. above crest.

7-11-13 at 6:30 AM .5 ft (6inches) above crest.

7-12-13 at 7:00 AM .4 ft above crest.:

7-15-13 At 6:00 AM .25 ft above crest

7-16-13 at 6:00 AM .25 ft above crest. Confirmed at spillway. Most creeks flowing slow but still running clear and slow.

2013 Drawdown -

The State open the gates to begin the annual 3 ft drawdown on October 1st. We were at crest level at the time of the drawdown. Will update occasionally to monitor the drawdown. As ususal, the rate will vary with weather. With large amounts of rain the level can actually come up. Historically, if it stays relatively dry, the lake can drop about 2 inches per day.

October 1st - lake at crest.

October 4th - 4" inches below crestcto

October 16th - lake 1.1 foot below crest

October 22nd - lake 1.5 feet below crest

October 30th - lake down 2.2 feet

November 1st - Heavy rain, lake up to 1.9 feet below crest

November 3rd - Lake holding at 1.9 feet below crest

November 6th - Lake down 2.1 feet below crest

November 14th - Lake down 2.6 feet below crest

November 17th - Lake down 2.75 - expect to hit 3 ft level drop by 21st or 22nd

November 21st -Lake down 2.95 feet. Gates closed to winter setting.

December 22nd - Lake down 1.7 feet. All snow melted plus rain.

January 11, 2014 - Lake down.8 ft(10 inches below crest) after another snow melt

January 19, 2014 - Lake at crest or just above - a little going over spill way

Note with gate closed lake should hold or start coming up slowly depending on precipitation. Have a good winter everyone.

PLEASE NOTE - the state accidently closed the gates late last week so the draw down stopped. Emailed back and forth over the weekend. Monday morning, Nov. 4th received a call from the state at 8:30AM and found the worker that closed the gates -on his own thinking it was down 3 feet. He received a "talking to" and was heading out to re-open Monday morning, Nov. 4th. Forcast looks dry next few days so lake should begin dropping by Monday afternoon.

2012 Lake level -
Drawdown began October 11, 2012
10-11-12 - Down 1 foot
10-17-12 - Down 1.6 feet
10-22-12 - Down 2 feet
10-29-12- Gates closed late last week with lake down 2 feet. Unsure if it was accidental or in anticipation of the storm Sandy.
10-30-12 - Gates re-opened
11-5-12 Lake down 2.6 feet
11-12-12 Lake down 2.9 to 3 feet.
Gates closed  11-13-12
 3-11-12 -  4 inches below crest
2011/2012 Drawdown- 
Jan. 8th -  2.5 feet below crest
Dec. 13th - 2.9 feet below crest
Dec 12th - Gates Closed
Dec. 10th - 2.7 feet below crest
Dec. 5th - 2.5 feet below crest
Nov 29th - 2.4 feet below crest
Nov 20th - 1.7 feet below crest
Nov 13th - 1.2 feet below crest
Nov 9th-.9 feet below crest
Nov 6th - .6 feet below crest
Nov 2nd - .3 feet below crest
Oct 29th - Just below crest
Oct 23rd - reached crest level.
Due to recent flooding/rain the State delayed gate opening for approximately 2 weeks. Gates were opened on Friday, October 14, 2011 a small amount with the Reservoir 3/10 of a foot over crest. On October 18th, the gates were opened to their full drawdown setting and we were still over crest. Hopefully by this weekend (Oct 22th) we will go off of crest. Drawdown will be slower than normal this year unless we get a long spell of dry weather.
2010/2011 Drawdown-
 Ice went out Monday April 11, 2011. Level .25 feet above crest. Lake Crested on March 17, 2011, still ice
 The gates were closed accidently Nov. 10th or 11th. The state had a large reduction in workforce and new people are handling the drawdown. Once we informed them of the mistake, they agreed to re-open. Re-opened November 18, 2010. Gates closed 1-13-11. Lake level readings -
 March 17, 2011 - Lake crested, still ice
January 13 - 3.2 ft below crest-closed gates.
January 2 - 2.6 ft below crest- 3 days of warming melted most snow.
December 30 - 2.6 ft below crest
December 7 - 1.3 ft below crest
November 26 - .9 ft below crest
November 3 - .8 ft below crest
October 30 - .6 ft below crest
October 21 -  .3 ft below crest
October 17 - .1 ft below crest
October 14-15 received almost 2" rain
October 12 -  .2 feet below crest
Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st, 2010 Rain Event.
A large storm moved up the east coast on September 30, 2010 causing severe flooding in the area. The Tioughnioga USGS gauging station in Cortland recorded an 8 foot increase, 3 feet above the flood stage. The lake received 4.95 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. The level was .2 feet below crest at the start of the storm. Following the storm, the level was .7 feet above crest., 9/10 of a foot increase.
Obviously with the downstream area being flooded, the state will delay opening the gates for the drawdown. Was told on October 4th they will attempt to open the next rain free day which is expected to be October 7th. The drawdown is starting from a full lake and with the ground completely saturated, it will take extra time to get it down 3 feet. Hope for a fairly dry fall.

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