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March 25, 2019


Howdy Folks, just a couple of updates-


Water Level-

The Reservoir reached crest level on 3/23/19. The ice is still on and the streams are flowing fairly well.


Dam Project-

We just received an email from the Canal Corporation with their website they set up specifically for the dam repair project tentatively scheduled to begin after Labor Day this year. They hope to lower the level at a faster pace than normal - weather permitting and ability for the downstream land area to accommodate so it may be wise to consider pulling your watercraft earlier than normal this coming fall. Again, timing is weather related as is many phases of the project.


Below is the link that the Canal Corp intends to use for updates. And of course we will continue our website with that information and other issues as they crop up. For instance, there is preliminary discussions going on regarding repairing some of the Gabians on the islands and backfilling the small area where we ran out of filter paper when we initially backfilled during the original project. Again information from the Lake Associations site will be under the “Lake Issues” heading and sub-heading “2019-2020 Dam Project”


So, it is recommended you take a look at their site, link below. On the left side of the page, there are a few links to the explanation of the project that we have on our site, an FAQ section, the Public Meeting notice from early in March, Ownership responsibility legal opinion, and a survey entitled –

DeRuyter Dam Survey – Resident and User Feedback  -     that you are encouraged to complete and send in. The Canal Corp. wants to know your concerns early on to see if they can be addressed or mitigated within reason. Better to learn of issues prior to them catching everyone by surprise after the start of the project. It is 20 questions and can be completed and submitted on line and we encourage all members to complete as early as possible. If we are notified of major issues that arise from the survey, we will attempt to inform members on the site.

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