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How this Site works - We will update this page as we learn new stuff and/or make changes, additions, etc.

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If there is a problem with your initial signing up and getting access remember the delay may be due to the following. Once you complete the sign up process, and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box, we will check to make sure you are a paid up member. Once this occurs, we will authorize you as a member in good standing and you will have access to the complete site. This may take a day or two. Remember by granting access this way, it will stop the free loaders for getting the benefits and not paying like everyone else has too.



Under the main headings at the top, if you hover the cursor on a heading, if there are any, a drop down menu will appear. In fact, there could be even another sub-menu for more specific pages - these are identified by little arrow to the right of the topic. Click on what you like to see and you will go to that specific page. You can always use your “back” arrow on your browser to go back to previous page(s).


Under the What’s New heading, we will put a brief notice on what we recently changed or added such as Lake Level updates.

On the far right of the screen you will see “NEWS & EVENTS”. This is where we may post new information and tell you where to locate it on the site. Click on the link about “what to do with the kids…” to show what type things we can put on this site.

The new tutorial video page - available from the Home page clicking on “Get Started”. Some videos are pre-loaded although some of the features have not been “turned on” yet. We’re trying to keep this simple at first.

Some areas you may see words - "Flag as Inappropriate". Any member can click this and it will disappear and the Administrator can review and either delete forever or put back up. Please do not use this unless you find something objectionable. It mainly is for the area that we will make available in the future where anyone can upload their photos. For the time being, this feature has been turned off for simplicity sake.

Features we will add in the future, people can upload their own pictures for all to see, possibly a place if you want to sell something, boat etc. (The TLA may want to add this feature at a slight cost to help offset the cost of this site), we can upload short videos, community discussion forum, many other features as time goes on.  

News & Events 1.22.13

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