March 2018 Dam Tree Cutting

  • UPDATED with After Pictures as of 4-25-18


The State as part of their Maintenance Plan based on contractors recommendation they will be felling and removing some trees on the back side (north side) of the dam through February 2018. Equipment started moving in on 2-27-18 and will use the 'parking area', on the north west side of the dam as a staging area. (note they gained title to this land plus more behind the dam last fall). They will smooth out the area and grade, they will add an access road on the east side of the spillway outlet for crews to access and remove trees that are cut. This work will continue through March. 

As you may recall, this work was expected and noted at a meeting. Part of the rationale is to stop tree roots from creating a "short circuit" to the lake proper which would allow the water to flow and begin washing out the soil. There will be some more drainage system repaired/possibly added in the future to alleviate a few wet spots noted on inspections. The good news is, the state is putting money into the dam rather than abandoning far.

Below is some pictures of the work starting





UPDATED as of April 25, 2018










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