Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation

Below is a copy of an email received from Carol regarding the Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation. Donations such as using the Foundation to donate "in lieu' of flowers for a loved one, personal donations, etc. are tax deductible.

Carol and her committee have spent a tremendous amount of time getting this set up and running. Kudos to all and especially Carol for all her hard work on this endeavor. More info will becoming out in the future.

Great Job Carol!!!!


Hi. In case you haven't heard via the DeRuyter grapevine, the Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation received its letter of determination from the IRS in a letter dated October 18, 2012. The application was processed much faster than we anticipated. That was great news.The official mailing address for the Foundation is PO Box 476, DeRuyter, NY 13052.
We are now in business as a 501 c 3 tax-exempt corporation - effective from the date of the NYS incorporation, Feb. 6, 2012. Among the Foundation's first efforts will be a campaign to raise funds for the TLA, Madison County and TLPF partnership in the wall-eyed pike stocking/Eurasian milfoil eradication "Fish Project."

I expect Richard Alter will want to advise the entire membership of this accomplishment in his seasonal Letter from the President later this month. On behalf of the Board, may I thank each of you for your continuing support of the Foundation. Even as legally separate and independent organizations that we are and must be, our hearts are in the same place.

Carol Jeschke


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