The Thrill Of Victory


The Picture below documents what we believe to be a re-creation of the first awarding of the softball trophy to the Westside due to no historical documentation exists showing the East side ever winning. There have been rumors handed down from generations that during the initial construction of the Reservoir in the early 1860’s, a cave was found where camp 251 now exists. Upon entry into the cave, the workers reported that there was some kind of carvings on the wall. An Egyptian Hyroglifics expert was called in to interpret. The expert concluded they denoted some type of sporting exhibition where a King like figure with a W on his chest was swinging a pole like object striking a round object thrown by a slave type figure with an E emblazoned on his chest. The round object was shown traveling at a high rate of speed towards the heavens at which time the West side was bathed in a heavenly light while the East side was characteristically dark.    






News & Events 1.22.13

What do you do with the kid(s) when you don't have a spotter and no gas in the boat?

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Local News 11.13.18

3 houses hit after shots fired in Solvay, police say

The shots were fired on the 200 block of Caroline Avenue, police said....

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