Weed Study

Under the direction of Mike Curran the Lake Association has been conducting a study on insect control of Erasion Milfoil. This project began a couple of years ago and culminated in a draft study by Paul Lord from Cornell University. This study was a joint effort between the TLA and Madison County Planning Department providing sufficient money to complete the draft. It is an indepth study that included night time fish shocking to determine number and types of fish in the lake, numerous underwater surveys of plant types and amounts including the Herbivorous Insects (little critters) that "eat" milfoil. 

Mike has been busy meeting with DEC and obtaining permission to proceed along with getting their committment to increase the size limit of walleyes able to be taken. This is a recommendation to increase the survival rate of walleye, which feed off of sunfish and bluegills, which inturn, the bluegills feed off the "little critters" that reduce the milfoil. 

2016 Update of Final Report - April 2017

2014 Final Report on Milfoil Insect Control

The 2012 draft study is available in pdf format here


2008 - Evaluate Impacts of Herbivorous Insects on Eurasian Watermilfoil Growth in Lebanon, Eatonbrook and DeRuyter Reservoirs in Conjunction with Stocking of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass


The 2012 draft study is available in pdf format here


At the 2012 Labor Day meeting, the TLA authorized a continuation to begin funding a walleye fingerling stocking program by authorized expending up to $5,000 providing other sources of money can be found. The TLA Preservation Foundation, The Town of DeRuyter and Fabius and NYS DEC and Madison County have been solicited.


Draft letter sent to DEC requesting meeting and funding

Following the DEC meeting attended by Mike Curran and Dick Alter, Mike reported that DEC was very interested in our project. They are attempting to revise the size limit for wall eye upwards but it is not simple because the whole state has to be involved. They are unsure if they can change the limit in just our region but will work on it. They also would like to help with funding but money/budget issues does not look good at this time but did not rule out such funding in the future.


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