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2-20-18 The state will have equipment on the dam for perhaps a month to do some tree and brush clearing behind the dam. They will be doing some site prep work first like "beefing" up the access road for equipment and workers. This is part of the mainteneance plan.


Notice: It is advised by DEC and Paul Lord to avoid using the lake for contact until either the samples come back from DEC or the bloom consumes itself.


As many are aware, we have a substantial algae bloom currently in progress in the lake. While it appears to be significant and not localized but is throughout the lake. It started this weekend.


While algae blooms are not new, the one occurring may be more noticeable than normal. The warm SUNNY weather and perfectly calm weather makes this bloom very apparent. Many times when one occurs, there is some wind that keeps it mixed up and the water then just isn't as clear as normal so people don't notice them. Further, if the lake stratified this summer and has de-stratified which happens around this time of year, this adds further nutrients to the water column for the algae to use as "food".


This is not unusual though because we get one in the fall. In fact there still could be another one later this fall. It was expected with all the rain and nutrients that washed into the lake the first part of the summer. Add to the fact that the recent calm sunny warm days is perfect for a bloom to occur. The calm waters allow the algae to accumulate on the service and give an apparent look of green paint.


It goes without saying that you or your pets should not drink the water. If part of the makeup of the bloom contains blue/green algae forms toxins cyanobacteria that can make humans and pets sick. Some animals can actually die from it if enough is consumed.


Therefore, until the sample results come back from Albany, DEC and Paul Lord recommends not using the lake for contact. Unsure who would want to dive into the stuff but you never know.


Paul Lord is scheduled to come to the lake this afternoon.


We will update this site when conditions change.


Below is an email sent out by Kathy Sherlock.


Good Afternoon Folks -


Our lake in is bloom and it is advised by Paul Lord and the DEC to not use the lake at this time - PEOLPE AND PETS


Samples have been taken and sent to DEC Albany.


At this time we ask that you please pass on to your neighbors to reframe from lake use for now..... it has been a very stressful season on the lake with the odd summer season we have had.


Thank you -


Kathy Sherlock





Lake Folks,


Due to the continued rain and the lake levels, the water ski competition has been postponed until Saturday July 29th - 10 am.


General Store has cancelled bass tourney this weekend (Sunday) and also asked to keep 5mph while coming in/out to the store bay area.


Please keep speeds down and watch your wake has we have the continuous wet weather and high lake levels.


Thank you -

Kathy Sherlock



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