Various Lake Videos

Various You Tube Links-

 2014 video - Flying DeRuyter Lake Style 2014 – Great video and pictures of the Eagle flying, kids having fun tubing, etc.  - Submitted by Kimberly Kennedy.


2014 Labor Day Fireworks recorded by “Grinz” – 26 minutes. Be sure to catch the 2 minute finale at the 24:40 mark.


Drone Videos provided by Donald Schmidt

Ever wanted to know what’s on top of the hills? - November 2015 three and a half minutes aerial video of the dam and lake as seen from a drone


Water Skiing as seen from a drone- Nice video of the lake and showing the speed of a drone – 9 minutes.

 Jet ski tubing from a drone. Nice aerial view of the Islands at the 55 second mark.


Ever want to know what a sunrise looks like from the lake in February? - 5 minute drone video taken on February 24, 2014 set to John Denver hit. It's note worthy that this video shows, characteristically that the West Side is sunny compared to the East Side proving that this phenomena does not occur only in the summer.



Drone Video of 100th anniversary of Lee Lodge- 4.5 minutes


When you don’t have any skis available??? ……use the snowmobile- what can I say except don’t try this at home-


Fireworks on Owasco Lake as seen from above with a drone.


Wakeboarding Behind the Jeep on Deruyter Lake-


Nothing like an old style rope swing for some fun – 2 ¾ minutes by James Gallerani


Video News Report from CNY Central news of 8 year old kids rescuing a fisherman in a flipped boat- published 8/21/14

News & Events 1.22.13

What do you do with the kid(s) when you don't have a spotter and no gas in the boat?

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Local News 5.2.18

Mega Millions numbers: Did you win Tuesday's $126 million lottery jackpot?

Here are the winning numbers in Tuesday's Mega Millions lottery drawing....

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